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The Inquisition Legacy

Some context: I’ve been playing MUDs for about 8 years, and have spent the majority of that time on RPI’s. I generally look for things like strong roleplayers, permadeath, and class-less systems when I play games, and don’t normally play combat characters. This’ll be in 3 main parts, Roleplay, Combat, and Staff, followed by a tl;dr for anyone who doesn’t want to read everything.


TI:L is a medieval fantasy game whose primary thing is Mages vs. Everybody Else. Players can play either totally normal people, or mages, who the major religion considers to be tainted, and the only way to purify the soul from taint is to burn them to death. A lot of of the in-game plot revolves around this kind of roleplay in and around the capital city of Lithmore.


Alright, so TI’s roleplay and roleplayers are pretty diverse. Gotta will say, right off, that the good ones that I’ve encountered severely outweigh and outcount the bad ones. There are a few ****ty roleplayers who seem nice enough but can’t play a character at all, but for every 1 of them you have 5 players who manage to teach the game AND roleplay well at the same time.

A lot of the IG Guilds are theme-specific: You have the Order, which consists of Mage-hunting Knights, Priests, and Inquisitors. The Reeves, which act as the city guard. The Merchants and Physicians, which are obvious, along with Bards, Thieves, Politicians, etc.

The IG Magic is stupid cool. Characters start off pretty weak, and if they get caught doing magic, they get killed, but you’re able to do a lot of ridiculously cool mechanical **** with magic. Each element has different spells to cast. Along with that, there’s a separate grid for Mage avatars, allowing different areas to roleplay.

The world itself is a decent size, and the character options are diverse. There is multiplaying, so anyone can make multiple characters that can be played together as long as they don’t overlap ICly. Otherwise it’s entirely class-less. Roleplaying gets you XP, then using skills spends that XP improving them, allowing you to build pretty much whatever kind of character.

The staff-run stories are regular, and impact the gameworld, and players are able to submit story ideas that they run for other players. This allows for players to actively change the gameworld with the staff oversight, creating a pretty dynamic environment that rewards player actions. And there are a bunch of cool mechanics that help support roleplay, like free customizable player homes and the ownership of combat NPCs, pets, and mounts, all customizable as well.

Overall: I like it.


So, I normally don’t play combat characters in games. Most RPIs combat is too spammy and too fast for me to keep up with, and I don’t have fun. TI:L uses an emote-based, turn-based system for combat, that allows players to take turns writing emotes about their attacks before the dice are rolled. This keeps the roleplay going during combat.

On top of that, each room as depth to it (meaning you can move to different portions of the room), and this translates directly to weapon ranges. Polearms don’t work well when you’re right up next to people just like daggers don’t do well far away. Along with that, there are different defense styles that work well against some weapons and not others, adding another layer of tactics to fighting.

Overall: I dig it. I play a combat character, pretty much anyone can.


I’ll keep this part short: I’m only mentioning it because it’s a dealbreaker for some players. The Staff here is crazy good. Constantly active, extremely helpful, and very willing to help new players find ground. Every Saturday they have an open OOC chat that involves addressing player issues directly while updating the playerbase about their staff operations. I’m crazy impressed.

Tl;dr: I like it. I’m going to keep playing it, and if you like roleplay-intensive games, you probably will too. The quality of players is high, the combat systems are well designed, and the staff is active and helpful.

Below is their connection info, and a link to a Guide I wrote for new players: ( Port: 5050

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Re: The Inquisition Legacy

How are they (I mean staff) able to run/maintain the game?

I felt that this was one of the primary problems in other MUDs, in particular due to reallife time constraints and an aging staff. (Aging playerbase is also not ideal, but with an aging staff, things become significantly more problematic altogether.)
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Re: The Inquisition Legacy

There is almost constantly at least one staff member on, and pretty much 2 or 3 at minimum throughout the day. Different staff are located in different timezones, as well, so there's usually one on at all times. On top of that, they're pretty constantly interacting with, expanding, and working on the game.

There's an active coder as well, and new **** gets implemented all the time.
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