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Exclamation Awakened Worlds (Shadowrun MUD) port 4000

I've been playing Awakened Worlds off and on for about a decade and I have to say it is bar none the best cyberpunk MUD around and the definitive Shadowrun MUD.

It completely follows 3rd Edition Shadowrun rules directly from the source books.

It has the most in-depth character creation I have ever seen with an entire area dedicated to statting-up, skilling-up, cybering-up, equiping, and testing your character.

You can be a shotgun-toting, cybered-up troll driving around on his motorcycle doing drive-bys.
You can be an elf mage and amplify your abilities so as to fire that pistol that much better or just give up on guns altogether and set your opponent on fire.
You can play a slick hacker and use the fully functional matrix system and use your cyberdeck to hack peoples bank accounts and break into corporations.
You can play a physical adept and basically be a real life ninja using magic to fuel your abilities.
You can get cyberware to connect to drones and vehicles and be a rigger that controls electronics with his mind.
OR YOU CAN BE A COMBINATION OF ALL OF THIS. There is no "experience" (karma) cap. If you can get the cyberware, bioware, magic or karma to improve your stats and skills they can go on almost forever.

Full cyberware and bioware system so you can fully customize your body in the exact same manner as the source books.

There is a elaborate crafting system where you can make guns, ammunition, cyberdecks. You can "program" new software for your cyberdeck to better hack the matrix with. You can craft spells at any power level as long as you have the magic to cast it. There are tons of things you can make in-game.

Items, guns in particular, can be modified. There are slots on guns to add attachments, so for example we could have the same pistol but mine could be entirely different than yours (Like having laser sight, hand grip, and silencer on it.)

Tons of different ammo types like versions of normal rounds, explosive ammo, flechette ammo, and gel bullets for the non-lethal approach.

Tons of gadgets and "toys" that actually work like pocket secretaries and cell phones and radios and the like.

There are quests or "auto-runs" they are called that you can do so its not just hack and slash.

RP is optional but encouraged and very fun on a game like this.

I'm dying to play with some other players so please give the game a try. Look for "Reaper" once you log on and I'll help you with anything you need whether it be information or equipment and guidance whatever just give the game a chance!
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