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Daedal Macabre!!!!!!!

I can't begin to give enough praise for this MUD.  It's had it's ups and downs over the years I've played here, but it has always been the one MUD I keep coming back to.  We had a period where there wasn't a whole lot of updates and the coders weren't terribly active, but after a small lull activity has soared!  They are fixing what bugs there are and constantly adding new things to the game.  New areas have been less common, but this is mitigated by the -huge- world that already exists.  There are a few times when things feel a little unconnected between areas, but I've never seen a mud that completely overcame that problem, so I still rank this as one of the best.


Interesting features that keep me coming back for more -

- Real, playable dragons!  You need a certain number of hours on the account for them, but they're worth it in roleplay.  These guys are also high on the list to get some love in the future's improvements.

- PC Merchants and a complete forging/jeweling/tailoring/ woodworking system!  I'm not patient enough for it myself, but many improvements have been made here as well.

- NPC forging for those of you who don't want to hunt down PC Merchants!  ...  Again, I tend to fit into this category.  NPC forging is based on the NPC level, just as player forging is.

- A variety of interesting clans, with some possibility for the idea of purely player crafted subclans!  Competition can get fairly rough at times, like with clan Morbus and Avares, currently warring over dominion of Brengaard.

- A large variety of remorts including driders, treants, devas, succubi/incubi and phoenixes.  This is, of course, in addition to a tremendous list of base races to choose from.


 Last thing I'll say about this MUD, where I've played for well over five years.  We are -not- a MUD that hosts 100+ players 24/7.  I've seen us with more than 30, but even that's an exception.  So if you're looking for a cozy place with a great system, we're your spot.  If you want a world filled with other players, then you might drop by to see us, but we're not likely to be overrun.  Our playerbase always rises in the fall and winter, so if you like it busy, now's the time to play.

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