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Ember Online
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Talking New Class, Ember Online

Ember Online GMUD – Graphical Multi User Dungeon


First new class announced to Ember Online! Welcome the Arcane Archer class with many new skills and abilities available only for Arcane Archers. For those of you who have never visited Ember Online, it is a graphical MUD with a custom client. It is a classic dungeon fantasy based and world PvP enabled.

Arcane Archer (New Class – Base name: Archer)
• 5 attacks.
• Bow itself gives addition AC. It is however not deflect AC, only absorb AC.
• Elemental shots
• Bindshot: Bind the player to the ground for 2 rounds if you successfully hit, 75% of your normal damage unless you are lightning divinity, which will hit for 100% damage.
• Sapshot: Sap all stats slightly if you successfully hit, based on intelligence. 75% of your normal damage unless you are night divinity, which will hit for 100% damage.
• Drainshot: Drain MP from your enemy, based on intelligence, hitting an NPC with this will negate the cost of MP to use this currently as NPXs have no mana(may be changed), 75% of your normal damage unless you are night divinity, which will hit for 100% damage.
• Hailshot: Hit everyone in the room, a physical ‘barrage’, works better thean barrage with less targets, and worse with many targets by a sall amount. If you are fire divinity, you gin an addition 5% damage.
• Rapidshot: Uses all your stamina to rapid fire shots. Stats at 90% damage and each successful hit boosts your damage by 16.67% If you hit 4-5 attacks, you will deal some nice damage! Based soley on strength and weapon!
• Pierceshot: Uses all your stamina to rapid fire shots. Stats at 90% damage and each successful hit boosts your damage by 16.67% If you hit 4-5 attacks, you will deal some nice damage! Based soley on strength and weapon!

Here is what we think sets us apart from other MUDS/GMUDS
• Daily PvP/Pve staff run events! Where you can earn points to buy the most powerful equipment
• Over 40 daily and weekly quests for those with limited time but still want great progression and rewards!
• New dungeons, areas, and bosses introduced regularly
• Game progression available through different avenues (PVP, PVE, quests, grinding)
• Fun combat environment that encourages a mix of different races, classes, divinities, and skills.
• Active community, Rich world full of detailed stories, and artwork
• Graphical MUD interface that allows different ways to play the game
• Regular updates (Dev Change Log)
• Active developers willing to discuss game changes
• Game balance regularly analyzed and tweaked
• Player feedback encouraged and implemented where appropriate
• Strong anti-corruption measures to ensure no unfair advantages
Current Event:

Housing and Premium
-Guild and Player housing
-Mystery wheel spins with over 50 companions (pet that follows you) and masks(change your pic) as well as huge gold and exp boosters.
-The ability to change names, genders, items, and pictures

Class Skills

-Two more NEW classes being released soon
-Three more NEW races being added
-All player input welcome
-Assassin: Sneak and back stab for high damage
-Barbarian: Rage damage
-Bard: Sing many songs to improve game play
-Cleric: Damage modifier slightly raised. Elite heal spells
-Druid: Bear gains a little more endurance, Haste works again! Morph into animals
-Knight: Action points bar shouldn’t drop so fast anymore. Smash and Strike (Focus Point Combo Skills)
-Monk: Extra attack with Roundhouse
-Necromancer: Zombie healing works properly when attempting to heal you per attack, Imp Undead require double mana, Life stealing, poison, and undead
-Paladin: /protect only works if the person you wish to protect is in your party now. Protect the weak fearless paladin.
-Rangers: Favored Enemy Skills added. You can add them tin any ranger guild when you hit the required levels. This adds a bonus to a certain type of race for both PVE and PVP reasons, autosneak added with pets, gain +25 autosneak step bonus, up to 5 pets maximum now. Stronger pets and bow criticals
-Sorcerer: Stoneskin spell armor gain is 2.0x instead of 2.5x, shield spell added, Imp/watcher/Golem changed to 20 mp, Elite elemental damage
-Thieves: Traps (Damage, Bind, Sensor)

New Equipment
-New crafting items and equipment coming soon!!
-Introduction of gloves, boots, rings, amulets
-Various new armor and weapon loot drops

Event Updates
-Two NEW classes being introduced
-Three NEW races being added
-New Gauntlet event with a randomly generated maze event area
-Updated Best Bandit thief only event area

PvE updates
-Fully automated, and randomly generated mazes coming really soon!
-New Dragon world walker events
-Collect items to gain the most powerful items
-Totally revamped new player tutorial zone and starting quests
-35+ New daily quests(including weekly boss quests)
-Multiple new boss areas
-Various new roaming mini bosses

Updated Client Interface
-Friend system added. You can now add/remove friends and see when they come online/click to chat/etc in the friends window. (CTRL+F or open it in the ALT key menu)
-Notoriety / Punishment system added. Notoriety is based on how many players you kill (up to 10 max) and Punishment occus when you die with Notoriety.
-You can now tell who are aggressors and who are defenders through look over.
-Extra bonus values added (IE DropBonusRate, Bonus HPPerTick, etc)
-PM mode added. You can set private messages mode to the only take messages from guild / friends, friends, or all Default is all.
-NPCs can autosneak now.
-Multiple script functions added.
-Shortcuts added for skills & spells
-Second window for monitoring all chat and buffs/debuffs
-World/Trade/New Player chat channels

Coming soon:
-Tablet and phone versions to created soonish
-Alliance system added but not yet activated. I will talk about this system in the near future before we actually release it.
-Crafting Items and Professions
-Basic affix system added. (This is not in game just yet, but will be possible soon!)
-NEW classes and races, if you want your favorite race or class in game, come join and let others know what you would want to play! 2 new classes and 3 new races coming, join in with input and see if you can get your favorite to play!
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