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Achaea looking for possible God candidates

Do you like participating in a MUD by creating content rather than by consuming it? Do you want a chance to roleplay as a God? Do you enjoy writing and story creation?

Then this might be for you: IRE’s oldest MUD – Achaea – is looking for community volunteers to become Celani, which is the first step to taking on the role of a God.

We're currently seeking volunteers who have heavy interests in world building, storyline conception, and event creation. To be a good Celani you need to be pretty self-motivated, enjoy being creative, and not be afraid of interacting with other, albeit mortal, players. Ultimately, as this is a community volunteer position, what you do and when is up to you, but being able to follow through on the plans you make is very appreciated.

In order to apply, you need to be:

- You must be 18 years or older IRL. Sorry, minors! Nothing personal.

- You must have had some experience in MUDs, whether as a player, admin, or as a volunteer. IRE MUD experience is an extra bonus, but definitely not required.

- Read HELP CELANI in full. Found here:

Now, here's what you must include in your application, in a plain-text, non-formatted email to :

1. Your real name.

2. Your real age.

3. If you are primarily a student, tell us your school and your course of study. Otherwise: what you do for a job and for whom, or if not, what you spend your time doing.

4. Any character(s) you have had in Achaea and what (if anything) you have accomplished through those characters, especially any leadership positions you have held or other noteworthy achievements. Otherwise, let us know about any notable achievements in other MUDs

5. Why you think we should make you a Celani (keeping in mind that Celanihood precedes Godhood, so also why you think you should have the chance to be a God.)

6. Why you think this would be fun for you?

7. If you play Achaea, you will have to completely cut off ties with other players and leave behind all that you accomplished as a mortal player to avoid conflict of interest issues.

8. Two flawless room descriptions of 80+ words each. Please read the section on room descriptions at the bottom of the HELP MORTAL BUILDERS found here: and follow the writing guidelines therein. Don’t skip this please. An eye for detail is important in a MUD – the players demand it.

9. A brief outline for an IC event, totalling 100 - 200 words. This should involve more than one player-run organisation. If you are not familiar with Achaea and the organisations we have, get creative, it won't be held against you! By event we mean a one-time story-based event.

10. Any special experience outside of Achaea/MUDs that you think might help you in Celanihood, like hobbyist writing, or dungeon master experience in pen & paper games, etc?

Strong writing skills are a must, as is the ability to work within an often perfectionistic team environment. Other traits that will help you: consistency, creativity, improvisational skills, storytelling ability, maturity, attention to detail, dependability, and above all, a love of the world we're co-creating.

Please send in an application if it interests you by 23:59 GMT on Sunday, April 30th (that's 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific, and 12am (Mon) Sydney).

To support this Celani call, we're also opening up a Celani and Godhood Q&A thread on the Achaea forums. Questions are being sent via PM to Nicola. Head to and check this out!
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