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Introduction to Elysium RPG

Hello, my name is Gralnak, and I’d like to introduce you to my game, Elysium RPG.

Elysium is a well established MUD with a huge amount of in game lore to explore and a wide variety of in game features and content to keep you entertained.

The world of Elysium is split into three continents, with nine cities founded on a player based economy, in recent years we’ve made a lot of changes to make it more accessible as a solo experience, but if you want to get involved in the economic system there’s lots of options, from running a small shop or collecting and selling herbs to other players, to making furniture or weaponry, or even joining a city ministry or becoming one of the nine imperial rulers.
You’ll have your choice of a wide variety of skills, selecting up to six core skills from a selection of over thirty options, each having at least fifteen different abilities, and then you can learn as many of the lesser common skills as you want to complete your character in a classless system. You can choose your own unique combination of skills according to what you want to do and who you want to be.

Beyond that there’s religious orders and guilds to join to connect with like minded people, and long running lore systems which you can work on with others to advance the story and uncover mysteries about the world and its past. Elysium is an old world filled with magic and divine power, set in a technological period similar to the early industrial age, so there’s lots to discover.

In terms of game development, Elysium is constantly being improved, and we regularly introduce new features and changes to make the world more engaging, accessible and fun to play in.

In the last year we’ve introduced a system of guild contracts to give players the option to take on skill related quests with a huge amount of diversity of options, improvements to economics to allow people to interact in more realistic ways with the player managed merchants, NPC sailing captains who can take control of your ship if you’re fed up of sailing it yourself, two massive new areas to explore with multiple mini-quests and stories to uncover, religious reforms to allow players to take control of their orders and change religious policies, and much more. On average we introduce new code once every two weeks, and there’s usually around three or four new features or significant changes announced for each update. The world and the game is constantly evolving and improving, and we take on board player input and opinions when deciding on new directions.

I hope that you’re thinking Elysium RPG sounds pretty interesting right now, and we’d love to see you give it a try if so. We have a small but dedicated and friendly player base, and while we definitely want more people to join us, you’ll generally find a number of people wanting to welcome you and help you get started. Elysium is free to play and not pay to win. If you already have a mud client, you can connect to Elysium on, or you can hop onto the web client at if you don’t currently have a client.

Thanks for reading!
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