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Wild Spirits MUSH - MUD Details
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MUD Name Wild Spirits MUSH
Telnet Address
Language English
Location USA
Admin Name Puma
Theme North American Animals
Codebase MUSH
World Size Small (less than 3000 rooms)
World Originality Mostly Original
Player Killing Restricted Playerkilling
Roleplaying Encouraged
Online Status Fully Operational
Category Furry MUDS
Avg Players Online 11-15
Year Created 2002
Vote URL
  • Class Based System
  • Level Based System
  • Free to Play

Wild Spirits MUSH - MUD Description
In a style of roleplay simular to Lion King or Watership Down, you play a North American Animal living in the wilds in the 1850's. You can be a wild horse, wolf, puma, prarie dog, fox, deer or one of many, many species of animals found in North America. There are territories with leaders, such as horse herds and wolf packs.
Cooperative Roleplay is encouraged. Characters may not be killed without the player's permission.

For carnivores however, we do provide 'preybots', which are NPC coded animals that can be hunted and eaten.

Territories vary as to how dangerous they may be, from safe areas where large predetors are not welcome to places like Cat Canyon, where you take your life in your paws (or hooves) when straying in there. There are good animals and evil ones. Serious senerios and the silly.

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