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Fallout - MUD Details
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MUD Name Fallout
Telnet Address
MUD Forums
Language English
Location Canada
Admin Name Scout
Theme Post Nuclear, late 80's tech, year 2100
Brief Desc The dark future holds little more than a bare existence, can you top the rest and take control? Gaining power means more than just gaining experience. Guns, BioGrades, Robots, conventional fight engine. Choose your weapon, the rest is fate!
Date Added 26th October, 2001
Codebase CircleMUD - Rebuilt, retained fight engine/commands
World Size Huge (10001-20000 rooms)
World Originality All Original
Game Rating Inappropriate for children under 13
Player Killing Restricted Playerkilling
Roleplaying Accepted
Online Status Fully Operational
Category Futuristic
Ranking Category Game-Futuristic
Avg Players Online 16-20
Year Created 1997
Vote URL
  • Supports ANSI Color
  • Has Quests
  • Class Based System
  • Level Based System
  • Has Clans/Cabals
  • Equip saves on exit
  • Private Messaging System
  • Accepts Reviews
  • Free to Play
  • Hiring Builders
  • Hiring Coders

Fallout - MUD Description
You wake up sweating, hand on your Armalite AR-15, grit on your face. You haven't bathed in weeks, through the stench on your own body you catch the scent of whatever it is breathing on your matted hair. An animal, but what kind? What size? How mutated?? You better react, like it would matter at this point, if it did matter, you'd be dead.

Letters flash across your vision, assured that your power assisted leggings are charged you flip a twist through the air facing the unknown creature. Rifle on hip, you fire off a clip of 308 rounds in the general direction of the shadow
ending the encounter with a thud of it's carcass hitting the desert sands.

Flipping on your combat light reveals it to be a mutated desert yak, you were lucky this time...

The year is around 2100, no one knows the exact year. The war has been over for 75 years yet your war is just starting. You'll have the equipment to make it happen, if you work hard enough. But will you have the guts? You're not in midgaard anymore, you won't find that city here. You'll find nothing familiar here, you're in a new world, a blasted world, and you're all alone. Better find a few friends or you're screwed. Can't be solo and hope to survive much longer, Armalite or not.

Do you have what it takes? Put your money where your mouth is.

Guns, Biogrades, interactive mobiles, original classes, 15000 original 'freeworld' rooms. The only 'stock' parts that remain are the major fight engines and help system to ensure you can hit the ground running day 1.

From the pull of your chainsaw cord, or the blast from your assault rifle.. you'll notice nothing else familiar. Better stock up on friends, and ammo!

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