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Wormhole - MUD Details
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MUD Name Wormhole
Telnet Address
Language English
Location Sweden
Admin Name Zaphod
Theme Sci-Fi
Codebase CircleMUD - Heavily modified
World Size Medium (3001-6000 rooms)
World Originality All Original
Player Killing Restricted Playerkilling
Roleplaying Encouraged
Online Status Fully Operational
Category Not Listed Here
Avg Players Online 6-10
Year Created 1995
Vote URL
  • Supports ANSI Color
  • Has Quests
  • Class Based System
  • Level Based System
  • Has Clans/Cabals
  • Equip saves on exit
  • Accepts Reviews
  • Free to Play

Wormhole - MUD Description
Ten years in the making, Wormhole MUD was based upon the popular
EliteMUD game engine, although with 100% original areas - nothing
you've seen elsewhere. All our areas have a science fiction theme,
either original or based upon favourites such as Star Wars,
Terminator, Babylon 5, Star Trek and more...

The Wormhole itself is a white hole that spews out matter from a
thousand spacefaring civilisations. Alien artefacts, the hulks of
starships... and occasional survivors such as our players. They find
themselves in a game-world of great opportunity - and great

Wormhole MUD's expanded game engine includes a number of special
features that support the science fiction theme.

Having trouble with a tough opponent? Why noy leave a trail of
landmines for it to blunder into? Still having a hard time? Try
throwing in a grenade from an adjacent room. Or sniping. Or get
yourself powered up with a selection from almost 100 psi powers,
fire up your lightsaber and go toe-to-toe. You decide.

Keep an eye out for components that you can use to build
upgraded weapons, vehicles, potions and more. Enjoy our scripted
questing system, automated remorting system, and the ability to fly
starships between planetary and orbital facilities, and beyond. Join a
clan... or form one of your own.

We invite you to join us. Resistance... is futile.

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