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World of Antra - MUD Details
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MUD Name World of Antra
Telnet Address N/A
MUD Forums
Language English
Location San Rafael, CA, USA
Admin Name Netwyrm
Theme High fantasy world built from scratch.
Brief Desc The fullest, richest life is led Embracing blazing, bloody Red. Our hearts themselves are full imbue With Red, the deepest, strongest hue.
Date Added 10th September, 2000
Codebase Custom - Original MUD using 3D engine
World Size Small (less than 3000 rooms)
World Originality All Original
Game Rating Inappropriate for children under 13
Player Killing Restricted Playerkilling
Roleplaying Encouraged
Online Status Not Open
Category Medieval Fantasy
Ranking Category Game-Fantasy
Avg Players Online 1-5
Year Created 2015
Vote URL
  • Graphical MUD
  • Has Quests
  • Class-less System
  • Level Based System
  • Has Clans/Cabals
  • Equip saves on exit
  • In-game Forums
  • Accepts Reviews
  • Free to Play

World of Antra - MUD Description
A science fantasy Multi User Dungeon, the project website is at

Features include:

- Exploring the wide world as the sands of twenty-four zones crunch beneath your sandaled feet.
- Costume yourself with pieces and parts, changing costume at any time to what you have in inventory.
- Collecting hospitals (res points) allowing you to choose where you res after a defeat.
- Learning secrets of insight from many teachers, then developing your character broadly or narrowly depending on what feels right for them.
- Crafting requires ability, knowledge, and no few materials, as well as being in the right place at the right time.
- Face difficult enemies with their own agenda.
- Aspects which put a floor under many rewards and optimize playtimes for each character.
- Visiting the Library and learning many new things
- Writing recipes and maps in your journal and other blank books.
- No stock builds and races that are largely cosmetic so you don't have to play something you don't want to.

The worldspace for the game is simulated using a custom backend and modern 3D engine with a dedicated client developed for Windows 7, 8 and 10, and recent engineering has allowed the client to run much more smoothly particularly on laptops.

Regular patches maintain a stream of fixes and new material. Check the patch notes in the forum for details. If you have a question, use the forums or contact form and ask.

Not polished or glossy--but we listen hard and appreciate comments for they help us know where to focus.

Thanks for reading, and hope to meet you!

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